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How Urgent Care Fits Into Your Healthcare Needs

Getting high-quality healthcare often requires a multi-faceted approach. There are degrees in which you need to seek medical attention, and not every issue is an emergency that requires the services of an emergency room. While you may be able to get a same-day appointment with your primary care physician, this is not always possible for a variety of reasons. Walk-in urgent care clinics, such as Walk-In Family Medicine Center, have been developed to address the need for a continuity of care for all individuals. Read More 

You Can Help NICU Parents With Kangaroo Care

If you work in the neonatal intensive care unit, one of the things that you are going to do is to work with parents of those preemie babies and their preemies. Your goal is to make sure that the child is stable and ready to go home to be safe and healthy. There are a number of ways that you can help the parents and the babies. One of those is to help the parents with kangaroo care. Read More 

3 Reasons To Take Your Teenager To A Women’s Health Physician

As a parent, when you think about taking your daughter to the doctor, you might think about heading to the pediatrician's office. However, if your daughter is now in her teenage years, it might be a good idea to take her to a women's health physician. These are a few reasons why this can be a good idea. 1. Ensure Your Teen is Being Checked for Age-Appropriate Issues First of all, now that your daughter is a teen, she might be going through puberty, or she might have already gone through puberty. Read More 

Tips to Help You Have an Easier Labor

Childbirth can be a beautiful time, although it can be painful. This is especially true if your baby isn't turned properly, you have tearing, or you have a low pain tolerance. There are some things you can do to help ease your labor, prevent tearing and help get your baby in proper position for an easier labor on your and your baby. Read on for some helpful tips to get you ready for labor. Read More 

Testing Your Vision Online

Can you really go through a vision test online? With modern technology available at your fingertips, yes, you can test your vision by clicking on a link, or by using an app on your phone or tablet. Read on to learn more about these modern vision screenings and whether or not they're really ideal.  How is it performed? During an eye exam at your optometrist's office, they have you sit in a chair and use a refraction system to determine the lens power you need to improve your vision. Read More 

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