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Visit Your Doctor If You'Ve Got Postnasal Drip

Postnasal drip is a nasal issue that isn't overly serious, but that can be bothersome if you suffer from it frequently. This is a condition that a lot of people experience when they have allergies, although anyone can potentially develop it. Many cases of postnasal drip go away on their own without any intervention, but some cases can be stubborn. If you're seeing symptoms that are consistent with this condition and they aren't going away — or you frequently suffer from postnasal drip — don't hesitate to make an appointment with your family doctor. Here are some signs that can indicate this nasal issue.

Mucus In Your Throat

One of the most obvious signs that you have postnasal drip is that you're aware of the feeling of mucus dripping into your throat. Some people who have postnasal drip can initially feel as though they have a cold, but this strange feeling will often lead them to believe that they actually have postnasal drip. The sensation of mucus running into your throat is an unpleasant one. For some people, it can be a tickly annoyance that makes them clear their throat repeatedly. Others can find that the mucus can feel so thick that it is very noticeable and bothersome.


In severe cases of postnasal drip, some degree of nausea can often occur. When a significant volume of mucus is running into your throat throughout the day, you may feel an upset stomach. Not only can the accumulation of mucus in your stomach lead to nausea, but those who have a sensitive gag reflex can often find that the presence of mucus in their throat may make them feel like throwing up. This can especially be the case when the mucus is very thick, rather than runny.


While there are all sorts of different respiratory conditions that can cause frequent coughing, it's common to cough a lot when you have postnasal drip. There are several reasons that you might cough, but the main one is the presence of mucus in your throat. It can be such an irritant that you involuntarily cough repeatedly throughout the day. Coughing may clear your throat a little, but it won't be long before more mucus begins to drip in — which will often result in more coughing. If you're dealing with these issues as a result of postnasal drip, make an appointment to see your family doctor for help.

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