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Picky Eating: It’s A Normal Developmental Stage

Do you have a toddler or young child who suddenly decided they hated every food but spaghetti? Do you wonder where that child who would eat anything placed in front of them went? Well, that child is merely growing, and the picky eating phase has begun. This is normal, even if it annoys you, and your job at this point is to just make sure your kid eats and gets some type of nutrition. Read More 

FAQs About Media Treatment For Anorexia

Does your child have an eating disorder? They aren't alone. According to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD), more than 28 million people in the United States will have an eating disorder during their lifetime. If your child or teen was recently diagnosed with anorexia, take a look at what you need to know about medical treatment. Why May Your Child Need Medical Care? Anorexia treatment may include different psychological and medical options. Read More 

A Guide On Cancer Support Treatments

Cancer treatment is complex and there are many treatment programs. Some cancer patients undergo a single treatment program, while others may have a combination of treatments. The key to making this critical decision often depends on the type of cancer. In addition to cancer treatment techniques, cancer support treatments can be an ideal complementary approach.  Types of Cancer Treatment The type of cancer treatment varies depending on the type of cancer and its advancement level. Read More 

Anticipating What Is Involved With Coronavirus Testing Services

With Covid-19 spreading rapidly throughout the country, you may want to know if you have it and could spread it to your friends and loved ones. However, you cannot simply assume that you have it based on symptoms that you exhibit. The symptoms of this illness mimic those of other viral infections, such as the flu and bronchitis. The only way that you can tell whether or not you have Covid-19 is by getting tested for it. Read More 

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