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A Guide On Cancer Support Treatments

Cancer treatment is complex and there are many treatment programs. Some cancer patients undergo a single treatment program, while others may have a combination of treatments. The key to making this critical decision often depends on the type of cancer. In addition to cancer treatment techniques, cancer support treatments can be an ideal complementary approach. 

Types of Cancer Treatment

The type of cancer treatment varies depending on the type of cancer and its advancement level. Firstly, there is the use of surgical procedures to remove cancer tumors from the body. Then there is radiation therapy in which exposure to a high dose of radiation reduces the tumors. Comparatively, chemotherapy uses various drugs to kill the cancerous cells in the body. Targeted therapy relates to chemotherapy in that it targets cancer cells, altering how they grow and spread. More so, hormone therapy treats breast and prostate cancers by stopping hormonal growth. Lastly, immunotherapy treatments enhance the body's immune systems to control the growth of cancer cells.

All the highlighted treatment techniques fall under the following cancer treatment approaches: 

  • Clinical trials
  • Precision medicine
  • Palliative care
  • Biosimilar and off-label drugs
  • Psychosocial support  

Cancer Support Treatments 

Counseling: This psychosocial cancer support treatment helps patients to face emotional and practical challenges resulting from their cancer management journey. Counseling requires a trained professional who provides personal or group therapy using in-person or technology-based communication techniques. Counseling as a cancer support treatment can enhance hope and peace by empowering the patients to deal with anxiety and depression. Counseling services may include psychiatric oncology to treat anxiety disorders. Ultimately, patients learn new ways of coping and communicating with caregivers. 

Nutritional care: Cancer patients often face the challenge of nutritional deterioration. These effects of losing weight and poor appetite may be symptomatic or effects of cancer treatment programs. Patients can undergo nutritional care as a cancer support treatment to manage nutrition and metabolism. The goal of nutritional care is to help the patient consume nutritious foods that can help them maintain body weight, energy, and immunity.

Pain management: Most cancer patients experience a lot of pain. Cancer pain often results from the disease as the tumor grows into cells, organs, and even bones. The pain from cancer aggravates with spread and recurrence. Cancer support treatments to relieve pain combine both medicine and integrative therapies. The drugs are either pain relievers or opioids, while integrative therapy may include massage, physical therapy, and meditation. 

Cancer support treatment applies alongside the primary cancer treatment programs. The treatments include counseling, pain management, and nutritional care. Notably, cancer support treatments alleviate the emotional suffering of cancer patients. Reach out to a professional to learn more about cancer support treatments

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