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Anticipating What Is Involved With Coronavirus Testing Services

With Covid-19 spreading rapidly throughout the country, you may want to know if you have it and could spread it to your friends and loved ones. However, you cannot simply assume that you have it based on symptoms that you exhibit. The symptoms of this illness mimic those of other viral infections, such as the flu and bronchitis.

The only way that you can tell whether or not you have Covid-19 is by getting tested for it. You can prepare for this test by knowing what to expect during coronavirus tests.

Nasal Swab Test

The nasal swab test is the most common coronavirus testing service offered to the public today. This test collects the most accurate specimen to determine if someone has Covid-19 or another type of illness like the flu.

It involves the use of a cotton swab that is about six to seven inches in length. The swab must be placed directly up your nose and pushed gently to the back of your sinuses to collect the specimen. It can be mildly uncomfortable, especially for people who have sensitive sinus passages.

The specimen is then sent to a laboratory that offers coronavirus testing services. You can get your results back within 48 to 72 hours in most cases.

Saliva Test

The saliva test is another option for coronavirus testing services available to people today. It involves providing a saliva sample that is collected in a container and then sent to the laboratory. The lab can test if you have Covid-19 based on the type of virus that it finds in your sample. 

The results from this type of test can take a bit longer to receive. You can expect to get your results in 72 to 96 hours in most cases.

Finally, when you make use of the coronavirus testing services, you will be provided with information about how to remain safe and keep others safe from this potentially dangerous infection. You will be advised to quarantine for up to 10 days after you first experienced symptoms. People with whom you have come into contact will need to quarantine for another 10 days after yours ends to remain safe.

Coronavirus testing services can determine if you have the Covid-19 virus. You can have a nasal swab done to find out if you have this illness. You can also give a saliva sample and learn how to quarantine. 

To learn more, contact a resource that offers coronavirus testing services.

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