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Tips to Help You Have an Easier Labor

Childbirth can be a beautiful time, although it can be painful. This is especially true if your baby isn't turned properly, you have tearing, or you have a low pain tolerance. There are some things you can do to help ease your labor, prevent tearing and help get your baby in proper position for an easier labor on your and your baby. Read on for some helpful tips to get you ready for labor.

Perineal Massage

Giving yourself a perineal massage can help prevent perineal tearing during childbirth. Use coconut oil or sunflower oil and gently massage the perineum a few months prior to your due date. This can help stretch the area naturally to prevent a tear or an episiotomy during labor. This type of injury or procedure can be painful to have during childbirth and can be painful during recovery as well.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises help to strengthen the vaginal muscles, which can be helpful during labor. These exercises can be beneficial in giving you control during pushing and when you need to bear down. Kegels can also help you after giving birth to help with bladder control. Sometimes after giving birth you may notice you don't have quite as much control, but kegel exercises can keep the muscles strong and prevent incontinence. 


You may get in all types of positions during childbirth in an effort to push your baby out. Stretching in the months prior to your delivery will help keep you in top shape so you don't over-exert yourself during childbirth. Be sure to talk to your obstetrician about stretching and which type of stretches are OK to do during your pregnancy. Stretching your hamstrings can help when pulling your legs up towards your chest.

Proper Breathing

Your breathing is important during childbirth. A relaxed and controlled breathing will help keep you and your baby relaxed during your labor and can help make your labor easier. Don't hold your breath during labor, you should have a controlled breathing to ensure you and your baby are getting enough oxygen throughout the entire labor process.

Push With Your Core

Your core muscles are going to help you push your baby out. Hold your core tight when pushing and bear down when your obstetrician tells you to push. If you aren't pushing this way, you could wind up exhausting yourself. If pushing this way is too difficult for you, allowing gravity to help get your baby out may be helpful. Ask if you can change to a standing position or in a deep squat position to use gravity to get your baby out.

Labor can sometimes be very difficult. Talk to birthing services about other ways to make your labor easier and what else you can do in the months leading up to your delivery to help make your labor easier on you and your baby.

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