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Advice For Those Looking Into Vestibular Rehabilitation For Balance And Dizziness Issues

If you have problems with dizziness or balance, then a treatment you'll want to look into at some point is vestibular rehabilitation. It's a type of physical therapy that is helping a lot of people with these problems today. As long as you take these actions when pursuing it, you can improve your odds of seeing meaningful results.

Find a Specialty PT

To ensure you perform the right exercises that ultimately help improve balance and reduce problems with dizziness, you need to find a PT (physical therapist) that specializes in vestibular rehabilitation. Then you can trust their exercise program is structured right and the right professional is monitoring your progression at every stage.

You can find vestibular PTs online by searching for them in your area. As long as you see they're certified to support these particular problems, you can throw yourself into this rehabilitation and expect to maximize your results.

Have Therapist Evaluate Your Symptoms

In order to put together the right vestibular rehabilitation program for you, make sure your PT evaluates your specific symptoms that relate to balance or dizziness complications. This formal assessment will help them see exactly what you struggle with, and then they'll know what exercises are going to be the most relevant.

During this initial intake process, you'll be asked questions and to fill out forms that describe symptoms you've struggled with over the last several weeks and months. Just be honest and as descriptive as possible. That's going to lead to a better rehabilitation program ultimately.

Be Honest With Progression

After going through a vestibular rehabilitation program for a period of time, you'll make strides in your recovery. However, everyone is different in the type of progress they see. For instance, it may take you longer to see balance improvements than someone else that suffers from the same symptoms.

You thus want to be totally honest when explaining to your physical therapist the results you're seeing. As long as you don't hold back, the PT can see if they need to make adjustments to your program or keep it the same because you're doing just fine based on certain benchmarks outlined in the beginning.

If you have balance or dizziness problems, vestibular rehabilitation is a form of professional treatment that can be used. As long as you handle it correctly throughout each stage of your progression working with a PT, positive results are possible.  

For more information, contact a provider that offers vestibular rehabilitation

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