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What Services Can You Access At An Urgent Care Clinic?

Doctors are busy professionals with full schedules. When you call your doctor, you may have to wait weeks for an appointment. Unfortunately, some problems can't wait that long. When you need prompt care but are not having a life-threatening emergency, you can go to an urgent care clinic. Urgent care clinics accept walk-in patients for same-day treatment. Here are four services that you can access at an urgent care clinic:

1. Remote Urgent Care Services

If you need antibiotics to clear up an infection, you'll need to obtain a prescription from a doctor. People with recurring urinary tract infections and sinus infections often recognize the symptoms of these problems. If you have frequent UTIs or sinus infections, you may be able to obtain a prescription using remote urgent care services. Remote health care services utilize video chat applications to connect patients to doctors when in-person examinations are not required. You can use remote urgent care services to receive medical advice without traveling to a clinic.

2. Women's Health Services

Urgent care clinics also offer women's health services. Women's health services include examinations and treatments pertaining to the female reproductive system. Doctors at an urgent care clinic can administer STI tests and treatments. They can also address urogenital pain and abnormal vaginal bleeding. Women without health insurance can access pap smears and other forms of routine care at an urgent care clinic.

3. Orthopedic Services

Doctors at an urgent care clinic can offer orthopedic services to people in need. If you believe that you've broken a bone or sprained a joint, you can walk into an urgent care clinic for treatment. Urgent care clinics are equipped with x-ray machines and MRI scanners that can help doctors diagnose the cause of musculoskeletal pain. An urgent care doctor can splint a broken bone or sprained joint to facilitate healing and prevent further damage. They can also prescribe painkillers to keep you comfortable. Your urgent care doctor will give you a treatment plan to use until you can follow up with your regular doctor.

4. Wound Care Services

Urgent care clinics can provide wound care services as well. If you cut yourself or step on a nail, the doctors at an urgent care clinic can help you. Urgent care doctors can administer tetanus shots for people at risk of contracting tetanus due to puncture wounds. They can also administer stitches to close wounds that are too large to heal on their own.

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