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3 Reasons Your Hearing Aid Isn't Working As Well

Most people with hearing aids will encounter a time when their hearing aid does not seem to work as well. In most instances, problems with your current hearing aid only require a simple fix.

Wax Buildup

Wax buildup is a common cause of diminished hearing with hearing aids. When you have any changes or adjustments made to your hearing aid, your audiologist will check your ears to see if there are any obstructions and will recommend you visit your primary doctor. To avoid wax buildup, ask your doctor to check your ears at each visit so your ears can be cleaned while the wax is softer and less likely to be impacted. Your doctor will insert a small tool into your ear canal while looking with an otoscope. When this is not effective or uncomfortable, your ears can be flushed with warm water or products to help soften the wax, such as liquid stool softeners or hydrogen peroxide. Ask your doctor about using retail wax removal products, which can prevent wax from hardening in your ear canals and becoming difficult to remove.

Changes In Hearing

Regular hearing tests can help your audiologist determine if your current hearing aid is still appropriate for your needs and if the underlying condition has changed. Many conditions that cause hearing loss, especially age-related hearing loss, will contribute to changes over the years. In most cases, it is expected you will need some adjustments to your current hearing aid or may benefit from other styles in the future. You should only be concerned if there are abrupt changes in how your hearing aid performs and it cannot be attributed to simple problems, such as a weak battery. Abrupt changes in hearing could be attributed to ear damage or damage to the auditory nerve, which requires urgent medical attention.

Time For A Change

Once other issues have been ruled out, you may simply need a new hearing aid. This is a good time to explore advances in hearing aid technology and other styles of hearing aid that might be a better fit. More hearing aids are easier to incorporate with technology, so people with hearing aids can interact with mobile devices easily via wireless connections. Another feature you should consider is buying a hearing aid that is easy to adjust over the coming years if you notice subtle declines in your hearing. Often times, the more discreet the hearing aid, the less you have control over the volume. You may need to choose a larger hearing aid that allows you to change the volume easily so you can make adjustments. If you wear hearing aids in both ears, technology that helps synchronize your hearing aids can also lead to better sound quality.

Diminished hearing with your current hearing aid is not uncommon and usually nothing to worry about. In most instances, removing wax buildup or trying a new hearing aid model will fix the problem. Reach out to a clinic such as Desert Knolls Hearing Center to learn more.

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