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Preparing For Home-Based Infusion Services

The ability to have an infusion treatment done at home makes the treatment more comforting, but you do have to prepare. While you're at home, you'll still be checking in with doctors and getting visits from nurses to help you with the equipment and ensure the treatment is going well. But there are times when those medical professionals won't be there, and you need to be sure that nothing happens to you or the equipment in the meantime.

Infection Risk

Be sure you know what the signs of an infection are. The equipment and any needles or catheters you use should be sterile, but as with any treatment, there is the risk of an infection. Find out when to worry about redness on your skin; it could be infection, or it could just be irritation. Find out if any type of pain is to be expected with the treatment, or if all pain is a bad sign. The more you know, that faster you can solve any new problems.

Pet Problems

Speaking of problems, you need to be careful about where you place the equipment if you have pets. Cats and dogs that tend to get into things, knock things over, and chew things may need to go stay with a relative or friend during your treatment. If you absolutely can't part with the pets, keep them in a separate room and have a friend or relative keep them away from you when you're using the equipment.

Ease of Access

If you're undergoing a treatment that makes you feel particularly weak or bad, make sure things you use frequently are within easy reach. Keep some approved snacks near your bed or chair, and keep bottled water around the place so that you're always near drinking water. Of course, if you're feeling relatively fine, this might not be necessary.

Rental Notice

If you rent your home or apartment, you may want to let the management and maintenance know so that if they have to come in to do repairs, they don't accidentally move or drop the equipment that you aren't using at that time. Accidents do happen, even when the maintenance and management are wonderful. Plus, you don't want them trying to do things like spray for bugs when you need to be home for your treatment. So, some notice is best.

Work with the health clinic running the infusion treatment; they may be able to help you have some treatments at the clinic, too, if there's an issue at home. For more information, you can contact a company like Idaho Arthritis Center.

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