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Avoiding Hearing Damage From Headphones

You know that buzzing noise you get in your ear after a loud concert? You might not give it a second thought, but that's actually the sound of irreparable damage to your hearing. The sound is caused by permanent damage to the nerve endings in your ear; the small hair cells in your ear that perceive sound actually die.

A lot of people don't know that listening to music too loudly on headphones can have the same harmful effect. This bad habit can develop into an annoying and painful condition called tinnitus, even eventually leading to permanent hearing loss. If you're concerned about hearing damage, read on for some tips.

Take Breaks

You might not know that the noise level of music isn't the only factor that impacts your hearing. The amount of time that you listen also has an effect, so be sure to take frequent breaks. You might forget to do this when you're traveling, riding public transport, or working out and end up listening to music on your headphones for hours each day.

Don't Fall Asleep

Some people like to listen to music while they're falling asleep. Those who have this habit could end up exposing their ears to noise for hours on end. Be mindful of this when traveling! If you need music to help you fall asleep at night, try to transition to ambient noises instead or make a playlist that is less than an hour long.

Try 60:60

Hearing specialists recommend trying the 60:60 rule. This rule holds that you should never listen to music for more than 60 minutes a day at more than 60% volume. Keep this rule in mind during the day if you know that you need noise to help you fall asleep at night. Another quick tip, if someone sitting next to you can hear your music, it's definitely too loud.

Don't Drown Out Noise

When you have roommates, young children, or loud neighbors it can be tempting to put in headphones to drown out the noise. This requires you to put up with volumes of music you wouldn't normally listen to. Try using noise canceling headphones instead.

Try a Detox

When was the last time you sat in complete silence? If you just went to a loud concert or spent a few hours in a club, you should spend up to 16 hours in silence or with minimal sound.

If you suspect any issues, be sure to request a hearing check at your next annual well checks; it's a simple preventative step that can save you from permanent hearing damage. For more information, contact companies like Kids First Pediatrics Of Fayetteville.

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