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Why Pregnancy Counseling Is Mandatory In Some States

Pregnancy is a very difficult time for women. Even if the baby was planned, there are still a ton of rollercoaster emotions that come with the hormonal surges. Counseling can be quite helpful. If you did not want a baby right now, it is even more emotional and stressful. However, before you abort, you should know that some states require pregnancy counseling prior to moving ahead with the abortion. There are not only multiple reasons why, but also subsections of the population who have influence over the laws in the state(s).

Abortion Can Be Traumatic

Most abortions have to be performed within the first trimester. Some women do not even realize that they are pregnant until it gets very close to the end of this three-month period. At this point, the fetus already has recognizable body parts. When it is aborted, the mother can clearly see that it was a little person. Some women have very few emotions about witnessing this, while others go through postpartum depression and suffer a milder form of post-traumatic stress disorder. As such, pregnancy counseling can help you make a more informed decision about abortion and alternatives to abortion.

Changes in Your Uterus Can Cause Fertility Issues

An abortion forces your uterus to open up so that the "products of conception" can be scraped and pulled from within. This can cause scarring, scar tissue, and make your body auto-abort fetuses later on when the embryos cannot fully attach to the uterine lining. If you are still willing to take the risks, then the doctor signs off on your pregnancy counseling session as complete and you can have the abortion. The counseling helps you understand the risks you are taking with forcing open (or inducing labor) the uterus for the abortion procedure, as well as the possible future effects on your intentions to have a child later on.

Evangelical and Catholic Populations in these States Have Made It Law

Some Southern states have high concentrations of evangelical Christians who, along with the Catholics, have promoted the Right to Life movement. As such, the concept that life begins at conception (or shortly thereafter) has influenced the law of the land so that every pregnancy has to receive pregnancy counseling. It does not matter if the child was planned or unwanted; every pregnant woman receives some measure of counseling to help deal with her current situation and intent for the child she is carrying.

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